Thursday, November 13, 2014


Asalamu Alaikum

It has been a very long time since I wrote on this blog.  There are many reason, and there are few reasons why I have not written, but I thought I would come back now and try again.

This quote showed up on my facebook feed a few days ago.  I liked it because it pertains to a lot of things happening around me lately.  Giving nasheeha has always been a touchy subject.

When I shared this image on my own facebook page one of the first comments is that advice needs to be given in the right way.  This to me seems defensive... like a diversion from the point being made.  No one like being told they are doing something wrong, so regardless if the advice is given softly or harshly makes little difference.  In fact, I imagine that most people perceive even the most gently given advice to be harsh because they don't want to be reminded what they are doing wrong.

As things seem to get worse and worse in the Muslim world, perhaps if we actually followed this quote, we would be doing better.