Friday, February 22, 2008

Allah In the Trees

Asalamu Alaikum

This wonderful picture was taken by a brother in islam (the brother that teaches Umar and I Arabic).

Can you see the name Allah in the trees?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hadith that Changed my Mood

Over the last week or so I've felt conflicted over some things that have happened to me. Sometimes I get my feelings hurt, or become defensive about things that people say or do to me.

I get so defensive about Islam. I was so happy to become the moderator of the forum for reverts, but then felt so crushed when someone seemed to hate every idea I had. In another forum I was told I didn't know haram from halal, when I was only trying to give advice to help a sister. In both of these cases I got so upset and reacted badly towards these people.

While I was commiserating (and possibly ranting) to a brother that I consider to be like my true older brother, he told me about this hadith:

"I guarantee a house in Paradise for whoever leaves an argument, even if he was right, and a house in the middle of Paradise for whoever leaves lies, even if he was joking, and a house at the top of Paradise for whoever who has good manners." (Reported by Abu Dawood.)

At first I just ignored it and continued on my rant..., but after getting offline and thinking about it, I knew that he was right. I needed to just walk away from these things that upset me and focus on more important things.

Its amazing how Islam really does have the answers for everything that you encounter in your life. And if you look hard enough or listen to people you trust, you can always find those answers.

So, I want to thank Allah (swt) for giving me an adopted big brother that, once again, helped me see the light of Islam, and stay on the straight path.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling sad

I have been feeling so sad lately. Perhaps its because its coming up on a year since my father died. I find myself thinking about him a lot recently. My mother gave me his wedding band. Not his original one - actually he lost his original one while mowing the lawn! So my parents bought a new one (the one I have) and then a couple of years later they found the first one just laying there on the lawn! Anyway, I've been wearing it on my right hand.. and looking at it a lot and just feeling sad. I guess thats probably not the best idea.

I'm trying to take my learning about Islam very seriously. And part of that is a new role as moderator on a forum for reverts. Its exciting to be a part of it and I get to share my ideas and inshallah help other people learn and grow. It takes a bit of restraint, which I'm already having to practice. It seems that some people don't like some of the things we are doing on the forum, and I can only guess why. Anyway, I'm not going to let it get in the way of the big plans we have for the forum. We have implemented a 'Guided Quran Reading' group, and will start a book club next week where we read a book on Tawheed. Eventually we will also have a thread on salat for new reverts!

I am also taking a class on Aqeedah online, which so far has not been working out very well. Not because there is something wrong with the class, but because I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing! I need to get in touch with the professor and get caught up.

Finally I'm taking Arabic lessons with a very good brother. He is a wonderful teacher and friend to both my husband and I, and he takes time from his schedule to help us learn every week.

I've also come to find some new friends. Not new really but just closer to people I knew before. There are some sisters that stand by me and I appreciate and love them for that. Its been said you can't make true friends online but that is totally wrong in my case. I've got sisters from all over the country (and the one next to us too) that make a huge difference in my deen. I also have a wonderful group of sisters from the masjid that I have become very close with. I feel most comfortable when I am with my sisters. There is something to be said for having muslimahs as your close friends. You will never have to explain to them why you are not eating that, or why you are wearing this, or why you have to go pray now. We pray together, and share the same ideals.

I can't leave the brothers out either! I do admit, I have some friends online who are men. Bad bad bad, I know. But I learn from them, and they are respectful.

Anway, inshallah I will not be so sad, and the new friends and learning will keep me occupied.