Friday, February 22, 2008

Allah In the Trees

Asalamu Alaikum

This wonderful picture was taken by a brother in islam (the brother that teaches Umar and I Arabic).

Can you see the name Allah in the trees?


Hannah said...


muslim said...

asalamo alaikom wa rahmato allah.

subhanallah sems clear and in quran allah told us in some meaning that he would show them signs in earth and in their selvs till they know its the truth ..
mashallah sisters and brothers are a light in furum
i pray allah to keep this light great.

salamo alaikom

Liberal Revert said...

i sort of see it, though i would certainly not categorize it as miraculous. no different then the virgin mary frying pans.

but subhan allah, it is beautiful. and everything in nature should be a sign of Allah swt, and should bring us closer to Him(swt)!!!!

sheyyab said...

to my brother the loberal revert. i'm agreed with u ,u r right may it's not miraculous, but it's asign like what u said to think seriouse in our paths.which may makes the muslims and none muslims go closer to him.