Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ramadan is Over

This year was different than the past 2 years for us. The first year we had only been Muslim for about a month when Ramadan came. We were excited to give it a try and breaking that very first fast felt amazing.... like we had really accomplished something.

Last year was really good. We had become a part of the community, had friends in the masjid and we were going to taraweeh and iftar a lot. On Eid we were asked to join a family for celebrations and it felt like home.

This year was ok. I say 'ok' because it was not bad or anything. Fasting was not hard, and we did accomplish a lot this month, but at the expense of things we should have been doing. I didn't get to taraweeh once. One of my best friends and teachers moved to Saudi Arabia right near the end of Ramadan, but we knew it was coming for over a month. I think it just kept nagging at my mind that I was losing her. Losing someone who had taught me everything I know, alhamdulilah. One of my other very good friends got a knee injury too and I've been worried about her as well.

So Ramadan is over, and I miss it. Inshallah next year I can do more of what I'm supposed to do and enjoy it even more.

I wish everyone a blessed and happy Eid!

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Anonymous said...

salam alaikum

Ramadan is filled with blessings, and also challenges.....its a feeling of accomplishment when we do our best. And I think for reverts its a big step to always improve every year and learn more.I have a long way to go still, but I did better this year alhamdulillah. if i am blessed to be here for another Ramadan next year, I have much higher goals for myself.