Friday, March 27, 2009


Have you ever noticed that if you read a thread on a forum started by Christians that they rarely talk about God? Its all about Jesus. Everything. They dedicate everything to Jesus. They praise him, they love him they pray to him. He is love, he is the creator, he is everything? As I read these threads I can only think one thing... SHIRK! I know that to them its not shirk but its very surprising to see how little attention they give to the actual Creator.

I also find it interesting that around this time of year someone who claims to be a devout Christian will have anything to do with the easter bunny and easter eggs. Don't they realize that its a pagan mockery of something they claim to hold so dear? Whats worse is Muslims who celebrate it.. I mean really... don't they have anything better to do?


أم ترافيس said...

It is so strange! Most of the "traditions" in Christianity come from Paganism.. like the tree at xmas even.. in all my life I never asked why we celebrated with a tree (when I was christian) can u imagine?! And I am sue neither does anyone else! Same with Santa, Easter bunny, everything... and as u said, now the muslims are doing just about anything - and most of it relates back to paganism (SHIRK as u said!) eve birthdays, mothers day.... ya Allah!

Candice said...

I have a hard time understanding Christians and always have. I wonder the same thing about why there's practically no attention to God himself, who is the Creator (even created Jesus!)... It's so strange that they don't give that a second thought. Same with Easter with the bunny and chocolate and Christmas with the tree.

I personally have nothing against the traditions beacuse I know what I feel about them, and I just see them as traditions, with no real meaning or necessity. For me, they are just celebrations with family. Well, easter is nothing for our family, except that some chocolate might be given and gotten. I think it's not so much for Easter as just a consequence of the availability of all this chocolate!

Ahxuan said...

salem sister, its up to Allah to unseal their hearts..we can only do what we can for dawah. :)

Anonymous said...

The Easter Orthodox Christians that I know of have the egg tradition, but not chocolate and no easter bunny. Where on earth did the idea of easter bunny come from?

Una Riflessione said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Very true Sister, it's all completely SHIRK! I see it all around in Italy...may Allah guide all non-muslims, Ameen.

The worst part is that they are still debating among themselves that "who was Jesus" (peace be upon him) ??!!

Jazakillahu khairan for your wonderful blog. I love it. The Islamic Ummah is very blessed and honored to have a Muslimah like you!



jana z. said...

ive written in my solo blog many times about how God was rarely mentioned in church when i was ALWAYS Jesus. Jesus(pbuh)will lead you to salvation.....and of course we believed it, astaghfirullah.

Crazy Muslim said...

Christians talk about Jesus, because to them Jesus is God. While they will argue this point, its very clear for all to see. They believe that Jesus is not only the son of God but God. Also they believe in the Trinity, which is a man mad concept. With the trinity, it’s The son (Jesus), the holy spirit (God) and the holy Ghost (I have no idea). They worship idols, and if asked about that they will deny it. Most Christians only know/believe what their priest or minister tells them.

When asking a Christian about Jesus or God and who they really worship they are apt to change the subject or say something that includes double talk. Also they won’t or don’t believe that most of the Christian traditions were built on top of or mixed with Pagan traditions. Brining this up will get a Christian all worked up.

Keep in mind, that there are Christians that believe in One God, not Jesus as God. These folks you don’t hear from very often, if at all.

Jamilah said...

Thanks crazy Muslimah.. I am aware of all of these things... I was once Christian too.

Amber said...

"With the trinity, it’s The son (Jesus), the holy spirit (God) and the holy Ghost (I have no idea)."

For the record, the Trinity is considered the Father, Son and Holy Ghost/Spirit. I shall now leave off being nit-picky.

Pixie said...

I know! This is one of the things that disturbed me when I was trying to be a Christian.