Friday, December 18, 2009

Revert Story

One of the reversion stories that I have always loved is that of Yusuf Estes. You can watch it here if you have not seen it. Br Yusuf is a very charismatic man. He is at ease in front of a crowd, and has a sense of humor that puts others at ease as well. Each time I listen to him tell his story, I find something new that I had not heard before.
While listening to his story this time I was particularly taken by the part that has to do with his wife wanting to accept Islam. Br Yusuf had just found out that a Catholic Priest he knew had become Muslim. While telling his wife of the Priests reversion she told him she wanted a divorce. At first Br Yusuf thought that she wanted a divorce because she thought he was interested in accepting Islam, but in fact it was her that wanted to become a Muslim. She wanted a divorce because she knew that a Muslim woman could not be married to a Christian man.
What really struck me was this woman's deep conviction for her new faith. She was willing to give up her husband to do what was right. Subhanallah... most of us take months to get used to things... we don't cover, we don't pray, we certainly don't leave our husbands, but she was ready to jump right in. For sisters, all of the new responsibilities of being Muslim can be overwhelming, but for her it was not a problem. May Allah swt make it so easy for us all.
Inshallah this serves as a reminder to us all that as long as we trust in Allah that we can do anything he commands. As long as we ask him for help and guidance, we will always have the strength to do what is right, and what pleases him.

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