Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Money for Metta

Some of you may know our friend Metta. She is in need of financial help and I'm asking for donations. Please give anything you can. JazakAllah Khair


jana z. said...

jamilah im a bit concerned about the chipin widget. the first time we used it, it was a huge success but when i was collecting money for colleen, she was never able to retrieve the money and when i went to the website to ask for help, it was basically defunct and there was a notice saying that no one was any longer maintaining the site and that no one was any longer available for help. please check the site again to see if its up and working. if its not, we can deposit money directly into a paypal account. maybe yours? then you can get it to metta?

Jamilah said...

Sorry it took so long to respond to this. I have the chip in set up to come to my paypal and then I send it along to her using jpay... It worked the first time I did it, so it should be fine. Inshallah we can raise some decent money for her and make her time easier.