Saturday, May 10, 2008

Now I Wave

Its been probably 20 years now since my sister and I invented 'The Toothy Grin'. When ever we would drive around together and find anyone giving us a funny look from another car we would give them what we called the 'toothy grin'. It was an over exaggerated smile that probably resembled more of a grimace than a grin, but it served its purpose. The recipient of the toothy grin would turn away immediately red faced and we would both die laughing (complete with snorts).

I've noticed recently that the toothy grin just does not work now! Hmmm, I wonder why? Ah HA! I have it. No one can see my teeth! Just the other day I was in the drive through to get coffee, as I was rolling away from the window I saw someone from work, they waved in a silly way and I laughed and made a face, and realized that was not going to work at all. My coffee was still in my hand so I had to resort to a tiny wave with my pinky! Boring!!!!

But this did give me the idea that when ever someone stares at me now (which happens a lot) I'm going to give them a nice friendly wave, just to let them know that I can still see them even though I'm all covered up. I tried this just today in the Restaurant Depot (where we get all of our Halal meat). There was a group of older Italian people wandering around the aisles and there was one man who could really just not believe his eyes. I usually let the first look of shock go, but if you turn around 3 times while you are walking away to look at me some more.... you are getting the friendly wave! Needless to say, he didn't wave back.

I may work on varying degrees of the friendly wave. If someone seem really interested I might try a double handed wave (not while driving of course). Or I could implement the Queen of England wave.. you know the one? Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist... Wave bending at elbow only twice, then stop moving from elbow and wave using just the wrist twice. Repeat as necessary.

I'll have to give this all the final test with my sister. She can still do the toothy grin, so we'll see how they work together the next time I visit her.


Anonymous said...

As-salamu alaykum,

"The friendly wave" sounds cuddly. I can't do that queen wave--seems like it leads to CTS(carpel tunnel syndrome). LOL


Hannah said...

asalamu alaikum

I'm sure you will get that wave down to a fine art with all the practice you


Anonymous said...


I (don't wear niqab) smile and if they really are in my face I say "Hi can I help you" with a big smile....

Jamilah said...

I plan on learning some ninja moves so the next time the boy scouts call me one I can bring it on!