Saturday, May 17, 2008

Masjid Police - again!

I hate to keep going on about this but....

I got to the masjid early for my class. I went into the masallah to make salah and it was nice a quiet. when I was done about 6 teenage girls (12-13) came roaring in laughing and talking etc. I ignored them for the time being, not wanting to be seen as the 'Giant Meanie' of before.

I started to read a book, and they all decided they wanted to have races back and fourth across the floor! Still I do nothing. Finally another sister comes in to make salah. While she is in Sujood, the girls race past her, trip, fall and nearly land on the praying sister!!!

This is when I lost it! I leaned over and told them in the angry hushed voice to knock it off! This is a masallah not a playground and you are old enough to know better! It was just then that I noticed that one of the participants of this inappropriate behavior was the Imam's oldest daughter!

I really get discouraged that children are not taught to respect the masallah. They are old enough to see that someone is trying to make salah, and that what they are doing is distracting and childish. When I have to sit and wait for something with my 9 year old, he has books and a few cars to play with and he knows to be quiet! I just don't understand how parents let their children act like this? And the worst part is that the imam's daughter was part of it!!! How can we expect other parents to educate their children on the etiquette of the masjid, if he doesn't?

I know this happens everywhere, but I really wish that it could be a bit more under control. In any case, since I've already established my self as the 'Giant Meanie' and now the "Masjid Police' I will continue to do so. If it helps just one bit, thats enough for me.


Amy said...

Salaam -

One of the first ladies I began to recognize at my masjid was the sister who is the 'big meanie.' She is a convert sister from South Africa, but is really strict on etiquette. And really sometimes that's what people need, is someone to be strict and lay down the law so to speak.

The hardest part about it is doing it gently enough to not hurt people so badly they don't come back.

It's always good to remember, I think, the example of the Bedouin who urinated in the masjid. The Prophet (s) didn't berate him for that, just explained that the masjid is not a place for that. If only we could be so gentle (and it is SOO HARD!!) when telling people that their behavior is not appropriate... :-)

jana z. said...

jen you were well within your boundaries by telling them that. i can excuse the little children. but not anyone that is growing up and learning at school (such as preschool) and older especially the teenagers. the thing is...well there is a glass partition between the men and the sisters. so we can see the men and the little boys. you just do NOT see the boys acting like that. yes the younger boys may be walking around a little bit but much of the time they are sitting beside their dads trying to pray even when they dont know what theyre doing. i dont know what it is about the womens side and the girls.

someone needed to tell those girls to cool it. and someone needs to tell the imam that his daughter nearly fell on top of a sister while she was praying.

Jamilah said...

Asalamu Aalikum Jana

We have the partition too, but the boys are just as bad at our masjid. I've seen the teenage boys throw a football in the masallah! grrrrrrr