Monday, June 2, 2008

Eating Out

We had a long weekend a couple of weeks ago and the whole family was able to drive to Vermont to visit my mom. We had a nice time, helped her with a few things around the house and got a chance to relax.

We left on Sunday at about 4:00 in the afternoon. After driving for just over an hour we stopped in Rutland VT at a steak house for dinner. We decided to go there because we knew they would have some decent fish choices on the menu.

When we walked in I asked the hostess if we could be seated somewhere off in a corner so I could eat in peace with my niqab up. She lead us to a room that was full of empty tables, so I thought I would be safe. I was wrong. About 5 minutes later they bring in a family (I think it was a family) of a man a woman and a teenage girl. The man was wearing a confederate flag T-shirt. I really didn't know anyone was stupid enough to wear one of those anymore... especially in the North?? Anyway, I switched places with my husband so my back would be to them and thought I had it beat, but again, I was wrong. Another 10 minutes and they bring in a party of 8! Ok I give up!

When the food arrives I give it a try... and guess what? Its not hard at all to eat with a niqab.... I mean it would be easier without it, but its not as tricky as I thought it would be. Mind you I was eating crab cakes and not spaghetti... but it was nice to know that I could do it if I had to!

As the meal goes on, my son decides to tell us all of the Arabic letters and a word to go with each. Of course this had to be at 9 year old sound level, so I'm sure everyone heard him. He is a good boy, mashallah. The final crowning glory to the meal was when the people at the next table ordered wine and a couple of beers. My son leans over to me and says 'mommy, they are not muslims are they?'. I said no I don't think so, why? He then said, 'because they are drinking and thats HARAM!!! '

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