Saturday, January 3, 2009

American Media

Thursday I drove my husband's car to work. He was going to work on mine (fix the brakes), so I was able to drive his. His car has XM radio in it, so I can get things like BBC world service and CNN. As I was scanning through the stations I stopped to listen to a news report on CNN about Gaza. The broadcaster was talking about how Israel was ready to go in on the ground and was gathering troops along the border to be ready. He went on to talk about the events leading up to this point which included how many people had died and were wounded. It was a somber and sad moment. In the very next breath he turned the broadcast over to his female co host who started to talk about a dress registry website so that there would be no embarrassing dress duplicate moments at the inaugural ball of our incoming president. It really disgusted me that they go from a news story as serious Gaza's to something as trivial and stupid. This is Americanism at its best. After the disgusting story about dresses they added that some 'top stars' are donating between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Inauguration so that it can be funded properly. In this economy do you really think that the Pres to be should be throwing an all out bash? How about swear yourself in and get to work??? Skip all of this other nonsense and spend that money on people that need it.

I know that if the news were all doom and gloom no one would watch it, but there has to be some integrity left out there! The day before CNN was also reporting about the 1 ton bomb that Israel dropped on the house of one of the top Hamas leaders. It killed him, his wife and his 3 kids, along with 9 other people. Instead of talking about the insanity of targeting innocent people, they blamed the man for.... yes.... being in his house! Its his fault that he was with his family and drawing the attention of the enemy to target him. This is the kind of stuff that the average American lemming sops up and regurgitates at the water cooler the next day at the office. No wonder people in this country are so ignorant of the truth.

Today we learn that Israel has moved in on the ground. At the end of the article it says that 'U.S. officials' were aware of their plans to go in. We also learned that yet another Masjid was hit. This time during prayers. 11 people were killed including a child. 60 others were wounded.

May Allah
Subhanahu wa ta'ala give the Palestinians victory and peace. And may he punish those who attack our brothers and sisters.


Naimah Umm Khadijah said...

That was going through my mind earlier, how so many people are brainwashed by the media, and believe every lie that Israel sends out, in order to try and justify what they are doing, apparently they're defending their country, while they're totally destroying another, and wrecking the people's lives, leaving them with no homes, gas,food, electricity, schools,mosques, police station and the list goes on, it's crazy and shocking.

Anonymous said...

Don't you follow certain traditions that you may consider silly? Welcome to American's tradition

Jamilah said...


Actually no, I don't follow any traditions that I consider silly...

I also don't really need a welcome to American politics... but thanks anyway