Monday, April 13, 2009

Sometimes I Forget

Friday was a busy day for us. Both my husband and I had a day off and so did my son. We all went to Jummah... it was totally packed! After Jummah we gave a brother and his wife a ride home and went to a sisters house to fix a hole in her wall. Once we were done with that we had an apartment building to go see.

We agreed to check out this building for a friend of ours from New York. He is thinking of buying an apartment building here and wanted our opinion before he drove the 3 hours to get here to see it himself.

The building had 10 units, fully rented. Not the best neighborhood, but it was ok. Right across from an elementary school. I've never had to 'look at a building' before so when I realized that we were going to go into occupied apartments to look around I felt awful! What an invasion of privacy! Now here is where the forgetting part comes in.

I am so used to the way I dress that I sometimes forget that it may be shocking for other people. The first apartment we went to was fine, the family was very nice, but the kids looked terrified of me. oops. The next apartment we went to look at would not let us in. The realtor showing us the place told me to stay out of site until the next apartment occupant agreed to let us in... I hid around the corner. That felt so strange. Once they opened the door and I came around the corner they looked so shocked. This part of town is mainly Hispanic and therefore Catholic so I'm sure they were not too pleased to see me, but I tried my best to be polite and show a good example.

So, this in comparison to my craft show day was quite a vast difference. Inshallah I got the chance at the apartment building to show these people that I'm not scary at all (and neither is my giant thobe wearing husband). I can show them that I love my family, I laugh, I talk to my son like a normal mother and I have manners.

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Pixie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh you're so lucky your husband wears a thobe. Mine only does in Saudi. But I can't pressure him to dress to the sunnah. That'd be like him forcing me to wear niqab....:D I want to anyway but...