Friday, June 12, 2009

Why we wear it

I went to a sisters gathering with the teachers that I work with. Up until that time I had never seen any of them without hijab. It was a very good lesson on why we wear hijab. I'm not going to individually point out how beautiful they were, but it was amazing how different they all looked.

Allah Subhanna wa T'ala knows what he is doing when he tells us to cover, and I saw one of those reasons first hand when I saw all of my sisters that day. Inshallah we can all be strong and cover properly.


Laila said...

Asalamu Alaikum, as a sister who was one of those hijabis who wears tight jeans and fitted 3/4 sleeve shirts and a head scarf thinking its hijaab to now alhamdullilah abaya and a khimaar....I look at those sisters at my school now who I used to be exactly like and wonder how in the world did I think that was ok? or the sisters who dont cover and I never covered until a couple of years ago and I think how in the world did I not cover myself? I think of the 30 years that my salah was almost none and I think how did allah let me live and laugh and have great days without salah? i think alhamdullilah....i now yearn to wear niqaab and to think I wasnt even really praying a year ago? all you can do for someone who dosnt cover, who dosnt pray, who is not practicing is walahay hug them, give them alot of love...focus on the things they do right, befriend them and be a silent influencer....onw who dosnt judge but gives dawah through actions....everyone who is lacking in something deep down or not deep down has a desire to be better. We have to refrain from being harsh and help people come back to Allah with love inshallah.....

Lisa said...

Salaam habibty,

It's hard to admit, but I honestly believe that the less you wear, the less you pray. That's sort of a general rule for me.

When you don't cover in public, you forget your prayer scarf all too often, and then just tell yourself you'll make up Asr later.

It's easy to backslide....a vicious cycle.

I have found that in coming back to hijab more and more, my deen also begins to return. I have to thank you Jamilah, because just a few months ago, I was certain I was done with Islam. But along came so many sisters from Pixie to Sacrifice4Allah to American Muslima Writer....Love you endlessly.

Jamilah said...

I was at my first Muslim wedding Tuesday night and a lot of the sisters didn't cover, and when it came time to pray they didn't even bother.

Jamilah said...

Lisa... are you back to Islam now?

Anonymous said...

@ Laila, you go sister! May ALlah always guide you and keep you strong on the straight path Amin.

@ Lisa - Did you come back? Welcome back sister, you have saved yourself from Hellfire - and that is great news.

As a school teacher, we recently had the girls graduation day and it was a jawdropper for me. The girls looked amaaaaazing. I couldn't believe my eyes. Alhamdulillah they don't wear that out!!!! Perhaps also for those who wear hijbab, Allah swt has given them extra beauty.

Wear out what you pray in and pray in what you wear out. It is the gist of a hadith, the references of which I can't remember now. I will have to go look it up because I am sure I will need to use it again.

Habibti said...

usually at weddings people dont think about prayin and i have assisted to many weddings

jana z. said...

how coincidental, yesterday at jumaah i was sitting behind a sister who removed her hijab just to fix it properly, her hair was glorious and i was thinking how pretty she is and how different she looked without it. was also thinking how the men would have taken a sharp breath had they seen her! then along comes jamilah writing about the same thing. loool

i was thinking at the same time how its ok for us to be uncovered with each other but many of us forget that we're not supposed to be uncovered even in front of non muslim women also.

btw jamilah, i meant to tell you i was studying arrangement of the surah in the online course right now dear sister.

Jannah said...

Laila - aslaamu alaikum Sis
That was a lovely comment my dear.

Mashallah that is the approach we all need to be taking in giving dawah - we are all much more receptive to a softer and gentle approach than that of an aggressive and forceful one.

Jamila - that doesnt surprise me... I see a lot of that here too.


Sacrifice4Allah said...

As Salaamu 'alaikum Jamilah,

I agree with you, seeing sisters without hijab in a halaal environment is a beautiful experience. Everything Allah prohibits and allows is with wisdom. Alhamdulilah!!!!

Lisa said...

With the help of Pixie, AMW, and Sacrifice4Allah, I am 95% back. My only problem has been my family and their disappoinment and fully covering again. I'm praying it comes in time, and walahi it is thanks to you sweet Jamilah that I feel I can cover again.

Jamilah said...

Allahu Akbar! Lisa... please let me know if there is anything you need... you in wonderful hands with Pixie AMW and S4Allah, but I want you to know I'm here for you too. I understand that your non muslim family may be very upset at this time, but its one of the struggles that we all go through (although not twice usually)... That being said, all reverts have been through it and if you need any guidence with that let us know!

Rubber said...

I salute you all for your honesty to Allah. I dont know how you do it.

Angeliquez said...

Masha Allaah sister, Masha Allaah!
How true,how well said!