Sunday, May 31, 2009

ICNA, Dissapointment and headscarves

Last weekend was a vendor at the ICNA conference. We didn't really make any money but we got out name out there and orders have picked up since then. Alhamdulilah.

Now for the disappointing part. From the moment we started to unload our car at the loading dock, I was so sad to see Muslim women not covered. Now I know that some people will be upset with me for saying that, but I just felt sad. This sadness grew as the convention went on. Women walking around with the scarf around their shoulders instead of on their head. Some women in sleeveless dresses with low backs. I understand that some muslimahs do not cover, but when you are going to an Islamic event can't you just pretend? At one point I went to the ladies room to fix my scarf. As I was talking off the layers (niqab, scarf, underscarf) a sister came in that was not covered. She was watching me out of the corner of her eye, and I guess I was watching her too. She took out a brush and brushed her highlighted hair. Then she put some lip gloss on and played with her hair some more. She was very pretty. She had on tight jeans, high heels and a tight shirt. I was just sad. Not mad, not judgemental, just sad. WHY?

What I want to understand is why some Muslim women choose not to wear a headscarf. I seriously want to learn. I'm not trying to be mean here, I just want to hear from some sisters as to why they don't do it. Do you not find it to be an obligation? Are you 'not ready'? If you are 'not ready' why? What holds you back? Please don't anyone take offense to any of this... I just really want to understand why.


Umm Ismail said...

don't worry if any one will be upset First then to obey there Lord Instead of Following the Dunya. It not being Judgmental when Allah Azz wal jal has Judge the Issue of Veiling it is Clear in the book of Allah and in the Sunnah. So they have no weight with all that.

Sometimes I wonder is the Lack of Fear of Allaah. If you go in Prayer Covered, you mean to Tell me you out among strange men and the eye of you Lord. now you can't Cover. Sometime it also have to do with what people think about them, but I must say it not just Reverts who don't cover it is the Born Muslim who have lost there Hijab to fit in.

Surat Anissa is very Clear on Hijab, IF we truly want to please ourselves rather than ALlaah, Then we will be let with are Pleasures I wonder do we as Muslim Wonder What will you do if you die uncovered. What will a sister do if she is covered but her tongue has no level of Hijab or Adab. this Dunya is Temporary but some of us don't think so were stuck dream Land not Reality all are good for is going around Stiring up fitnah, Dating, Marrying non Muslim men, having abortions ect. Not Obeying Allah in the Simplest thing Leads to a world of Trouble if we are not careful.


Saafir said...

Masha'Allah for not been judgmental to the fellow Sisterz 4 not wearing modestly...
Islam is all about niyyah and this is what makes one who he/she is.

It's a No, No in Din to compare one self with others, thinking that u r better off than them

Only, Allah knows the true Niyyah of a Muslim

Jazaka'Allah khair for the post

Jamilah said...

Sometimes when I talk about covering people say that perhaps she never misses a salat and is better than someone that does cover. I am not really sure what this argument proves...

Saafir said...

Actually we all know that, not one Salaat is supposed to be missed, there is dire consequences in missing one salaat and no excuse is there for ever missing one.

If you miss Fajr, you'll be punished until Dhuhr and if you missed Dhuhr you'll be punished until Asr (this goes on like this)

More so, if you miss Asr you loose your good deeds, if u miss Mahgrib the Angels call you Kufr and if you miss Fajr Shaytwan pisses on you

In my opinion, take what they say as a complement although they are picturing you in a negative way.

Maybe if you were not wearing one they may tempt you to commit sin and by you wearing that Hijab, it's almost like an amour against their misguided influences

Lots of Barak from Allah for your Jihad life of a Muhajaba & Muntaqaba

Masha'Allah & Jazaka'Allah Khair

Jamilah said...

I think that because there is not a specific punishment associated with not covering that people don't take it as seriously, but it is still disobeying Allah...

Ayan said...

I can't answer your first few questions since I wear the hijab. However, I believe the lack of implementation of hijab we see today is only an visual indicator of the state of the ummah. Just as the lack of people who pray (especially pray fajr on time) shows how weak as an ummah we've become!

Perhaps some truly believe that hijab is not wajib upon them. I know this is hard to believe but there are some sisters who really believe this. Obviously, we all know that hijab is wajib in all school of thoughts. The only thing they differ upon is what is awrah ... such as feet, hands, and face).

Ayan said...

Also, I thought there was a specific punishment for women who do not cover their hair ... I will look for the hadith and post it up inshAllah.

Jamaican Hijabi said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I can only give my side of the story, when I first wore hijab, I was scared into wearing it and basically told I would go to hell if I didnt wear it. I wore it and I got panic attacks everytime I was in public until I no longer wanted to go outside. I didnt understand the real reasons for hijab then, I was intrigued by all my other friends who were 'free' to wear what they want, and to style their hair the way they want and wear the latest fashions, and to top it off my husband at the time didnt like my hijabi clothes and was not very encouraging. So eventually I took it off. After a divorce and a few years as a non-hijabi, I began to learn more about Islam and I wanted to please my Creator, after a lot of taubah, and taking baby steps in changing my wardrobe to more modest outfits I put hijab on again fulltime and its been two years now Alhamdullilah. I no longer feel self conscious when I am out in public, I dont get panic attacks, I feel great Alhamdullilah. I dont know about others who chose not to wear it, but thats what happened to me. All the time though I always admired those sisters who wore hijab, but I was so caught up in the dunya and in hairstyles and fashion that I didnt feel compelled to wear hijab, and my deen suffered because of it. InshaAllah I will not go back to those days and I will only increase in iman. Oh while I wasnt wearing hijab I didnt go to any Islamic events though, I would feel much too guilty to do that, and I never ever ever thought hijab wasnt compulsory, I guess i was just not ready for it at that time.

jana z. said...

dont worry whether people will be upset or not...shows where their head is...though i dont cover all the time, i would NEVER attend an islamic function without being covered and i would never attend even the outside of my house with tightfitting garments!!!

theyve become westernized, they dont care. u know i run into muslim ladies here and there that dont cover..thats one issue but the ones that dare to wear low back dresses anywhere and more specifically to an ICNA function?????? i think someone should have pulled them aside and said sisters do you have no better judgement than this?? may Allah forgive them.

Habibti said...

they are not ready, thats the most common reply you get. and some think its not obligatory but just because they didnt make the researches. others are too much into this wordly life, all these oppotunities they will miss if they cover

Random Muslima said...

may Allah guide them to the beauty of covering an give them knowledge and help them act upon it amin. At least they were at an Islamic event mashaAllah, mashaAllah.
Even its long ago now, I went out once like that and had no bad intentions. I just did not know.

Jamilah said...

Thank you Jamerican... I wonder if all of the sisters I saw really didn't understand the importance of it? In your case you did it at first for the wrong reason, someone scared you into it, and then later you understood why and did it for the right reasons.

I do know some sister that don't cover, and I'm pretty sure they understand the obligation, but they just don't do it...

iMuslimah said...

Assalamu alaykum,

My hubs and I cancelled our ICNA reservations this year. 2008 was awesome, but we were concerned that the flu epidemic would cause speakers and vendors to cancel. I hope inshaallah we will go next year.

Re: covering- I noticed many degrees of hijab when we went. It ranged from no hijab concept at all to full burqa.

I reverted in 2005. I didnt start wearing hijab until Jan 2007. I just wasnt ready. Not everybody is strong. I needed to be sure of several things:

1. I was wearing it for the RIGHT reasons. I knew that once I started wearing it, that I could not change my mind.

2. That I was 100% comfortable in it, and that I would set a good example of a muslim, since hijab makes us the flag bearers.

3. That my family would still love me, and that they wouldnt feel alienated from me.

4. That I, ME, would keep my indentity and all the things that make me, well- me.

I have no regrets about my approach or how long it took me. Some women can just jump right in, some cannot. Its all a huge test.

Allah swt is most merciful and understanding and only he knows what is in our hearts and what are true inentions are. That was the most comforting to me in my time of transition.

Allahu Alim. He will tell me what he thinks about decision on judgement day.

I generally dont feel sad when I meet a muslimah that doesnt wear hijab. I get sad when I see a muslimah who USED to wear it.....

No matter how we slice it, it is an obligation. No matter which side of the issue you look at, it is amazing to see how one simple piece of fabric can hold so much power.

Good post sister!


PS might you be in NY?

Anonymous said...

They think of Duniya a lot and think of akhira little. nasiha and dawa and du'a is all we can really do for them.

Candice said...

People probably each have their reasons, and I'm sure most of them will not make any real sense... But they haven't given it enough thought to realize that themselves probably. An "ignorance is bliss" type of situation where you know there's something you don't wanna know.

Personally, I would wear hijab to an Islamic event and I'm not even Muslim, but to wear it full-time... if I became Muslim. I don't think I am ready for that yet and might not be for some time but again I don't know. I guess fear of God has something to do with it for me, if I'm being honest. I am still in this sort of Christian mindframe that everyone will go to Heaven and you do good deeds only to be good and show you want to worship God. It has changed a lot from that and is still change though. Also, I would feel like a hypocrite wearing hijab when I am not even doing salat right or regularly. I would put my efforts into that and hopefully things would fall into place.

This is just what I feel right now but this has been a journey for me, evolving A LOT and I know it will continue.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Asalam alaykum sister,

I empathise completely with how you felt, because that is how I feel alot of the time. At least the non muslims don't know about the treasure of Islam's hijab but the muslims do.
But I understand them because that is how I used to dress.
I wasn't taught any different, my parents never made it a duty on me, I never really understood it.

I think if those women understood how this society's new fashion subjugated and indeed opresses them, they would think twice. What you saw was the stronghold of this dunia, they have been lied to by everyone, from school life to the media...and also anothe biggie is MEN. If I didn't have the confidence in myself, I would rely on my body and men's stares to remind me that I am beautiful. Its back to this material world, it must be scary for them to wear hijab because: how would they know they are worth anything more, how would they know they are socially accepted. It's more comfortable.

The authentic Islam is oh-so-unfashionable.

Do not despair, Allah guides whom He pleases. Alhamdulillah we have been shown the Truth.

Shukran sister.

Umm Ismail said...

If a person walks up to you and say "Oh my sister" you must cover your Self if you live your home" Most reply's is Don't judge me Not understanding and i Repeat Allah has Already Spoken on this Subject Over and over again. SO there The judgment is already sent forth not only that The heart is Blocked and want see Reason to Realize the sister Coming with Naseeha . Truly judgmens are left to Allah but We have a Duty to Help or sisters to be upon the Correct path. I wonder how is this Judging? What is written it Wajib upon us to do when we don't Naseeha is Necessary in a Tactful manner. but some women are just Disobedient on the order of Hijab they fight on every turn and Make Harram Halal and vice/ verse. I will not understand How we can be so Careless with are life We want eat Pork , drink Wines ( is this not clear in Qur'aan as Well)but we still go exposing are Awrah. May Allah guide us upon the Haqq. ameen

Jamilah said...


Its really nice to hear that you would cover when going to an islamic event even when you are not Muslim.... It shows you understand the reasoning behind it.

As for feeling like a hypocrite... none of us do everything right that we should, so every little bit counts. Most new muslims don't pray all 5 times because they just don't know how, but perhaps they will put on hijab right away because its somthing that they can do without having to learn anything yet.

My question in this post is really to the sisters that know better...

Jamilah said...


I know its been a struggle for you to wear it full time, and I admire your honesty about it. Inshallah you will be at a point one day that you will be able to do it full time, but up until then its great that you recognize that its a good idea to wear it to an islamic event... It actually has to be a bit of a relief to be able to wear it in a setting where no one is going to look at you funny. At an Islamic function you will get more looks for not wearing... and perhaps that is what these ladies are going for...

Milda Spin2liux said...

I know what you mean about being sad. I am sad too. I am a revert but i do not wear a head scarf. The reason behind that is 1. i started off too harshly, i was only 16 when i reverted.I was met with a lot of pressure from the muslim community about how i must wear a scarf. Pretty much all the muslim i was seeking to help me would make comments about the scarf, and i so much wanted to be good. It ended with me wearing a scarf for some years, with a lot of disapproval from my family, and also being looked upon strange from both both "darker immigrants" and the white population (i was a white immigrant in norway, which put me in a position where i could look like norwegian but wasnt, and was an immigrant but didnt really look like one), After I felt i didnt really have the time to build up my knowledge and strength before wearing the scarf (because it is not an easy thing to do) i felt more isolated, i felt like it was making me more angry rather than content, and i decided to take it off. I believe it was the right choice at the time, since it had all started off with the wrong foot. 2. second reason is that i have a very hard time to meet new challenges. i suffer very low self esteem because i was abused as a child, and some of the abuse has been prolonged til the recent years. I have sought out help for myself and moved away, but i am in a place now feeling like i have to learn all the things i never did in my childhood and my teen years. I also try to learn more about Islam and what it means to me, and take it nice and slow as Ive learned that dramatic changes without the inner strength to match it usually dont end too well. 3. to all the reasons above, the fact that i live in a non ,muslim country does not help, so i feel like i dont have a freedom to truly learn and gradually practice wearing the scarf. I feel i need to explore it more, get used to it, feel its concept and effects. Inside i believe that the hijab is so beautiful and i feel its beauty. I see the muslim society very romantic indeed in a way that things are covered and mystical, and you can sense what is hidden, but only from a distance and those accidental short glances. I see hijab as a right of a woman to keep her privacy, to stand up as a woman, not being ashamed of one's self of feeling inadequate. Strangely, for some reason, many time what i sense from the sister who do wear hijab is a sort of vibe that makes you feel that they rush to move away if they feel they stand in some1s way. Like they try to be as invisible as possible. I want it to be different for me. I want to come to a point wear i feel my hijab would be a tool for me to feel free and feel like i everyone is on equal ground with me. This is my dream that i hope to fullfill one day Insha Allah, and until then i still have many things to learn. As they say, one always finds what one looks for. I hope that is true Insha Allah :)))

Una Riflessione said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Masha'ALLAH, what a beautiful post! I feel blessed that I landed on your blog today and read it :)

How is your Taleem al Quran evening course going? :) I hope you're enjoying it insha'Allah


Jamilah said...

Asalamu Alaikum Una

Thanks for your post... I transferred to the Saturday class and then ran into many unfortunate events that led me to miss classes. :( I was really enjoying it, so I hope to pick it up again soon... inshallah

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alekium,

I think that some sisters just do not have the strength yet to accept the blessing of hijab. Masha-Allah, for me it was really easy to start covering but it may be a much harder spiritual test for the sister who does not cover. In turn, perhaps the sisters who do not cover are further along the spiritual path than I am in other ways (I don't want to make this sound like a competition, LOL) As far as getting all dressed up to attend an Islamic event with tight clothes, backless dresses, makeup, etc., well, that is simply unacceptable. Thank you for allowing me to comment. :)

Lisa said...

Assalaam Alaikum Sweet Jamilah,

I can tell you that some of those girls may very well want to wear hijab. My proof is myself.

To this day, I pick up my son from Islamic school and attend Islamic functions in hijab.

As crazy as it sounds, I believe still that the niqaab I wore for years and later took off was a fard for me. And certainly hijab too. I took mine off because it was easy to go to work at Dell Computers, but that is no excuse. Now I wear hijab almost always with some exceptions like my family's house.

Jamilah sweetie, I REALLY love you and the blog. I truly believe that Allah smiles when he sees this beautiful blog. Sister, I want you to know that you have reinforced my belief in hijab/niqaab today.

Know that even the girls with backless dresses, may very well want to hear you're voice and input. They may be close to wanting to go towards hijab and need a tiny push.

Jamilah said...

Asalamu Alaikum Lisa

That is really sweet for you to say. May Allah find me as good as you do.

Your intention to wear hijab is very important... you really want to do it and know why you want to! May Allah make it easy for you!

Habibti said...

i must say that i dont like it when girls who dont wear hijab wear it for islamic meetings. stressin about my hair showin and what not

The reverts secret said...

Duas duas duas for the ummah!!


Pixie said...

I don't understand those people at all. I agree with Jana Z that they didn't care and were afraid about missing oppurtunities in life. I can understand bad hijab. Some people don't know what hijab really is. But when I read the ayah in the Qu'ran about hijab and jilbab those were instant (even though I had my whole family basically kick me out on the street with no money for a peice of cloth on my head). Niqab is not for me because I am not 100% on the subject---only 80% right now. As soon as I feel 100% its fard its not coming off.

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Hijab is a serious obligation we have towards Allah. For those who do not cover up may Allah guide them.

We do not know when we are going to die. Wouldn't we want to meet Allah knowing that we dischagred our duties???

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

I understand where you're coming from sister but, at the same time you have to realize Allah swt will not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. There are always external or perhaps internal factors you may or may not be aware of. You can't fault sisters or judge them based on your personal hopes. i totally get the whole 'sad for them' type thing but, it's not your place to feel sorry for their descions. The same way you had to come into your own as a Muslimah they have to find their own way. The most we can do is make du'aa and hope for the best for our Muslimah sisters.

alshaimaa said...

I think the answer is simple , dunia is taking over their hearts.

Milda Spin2liux said...


Such a good point about whether it is our place to feel sad for others decisions. Perhaps the word we would look for here could be compassion or empathy...?

Jamilah said...

Perplexin Texan... Asalamu Alaikum

I'm not really faulting anyone, noor am I judging them. Being sad is my way of dealing with it I guess. I see every command of Allah and his messenger to be important, and when I see someone disobeying those commands it does make me sad.

As Muslims we are to try to correct things that are wrong. Either with our hands, our tounges or hate it in our hearts. Perhaps I can't say that I hate it when a sister does not cover, but saying that it makes me sad is my way of completing this duty.

OhSoMuslim said...

When I come across situations like this, all I can do is make du'a for that person and also ask Allah to protect me from that.
I don't understand such women, its an obligation to cover the body. I don't think of it as faulting or judging a person, when a muslim women is not covered properly it is the act of Tabarruj which is haram.

ishqia said...


many people think its just niyah that matters and just dressing modestly is sufficient enough and dont consider hijab and niqab to be important,

many are not aware,
many want to immitate the westerners,
many are hypocrites,
many want to wear but their family or society doesnt support,

alhamdulillah i m blessed that i wear my hijab understanding its importance,


azarre said...


Im from indonesia, a country with the biggest muslim people in. But as u write in this post, i saw many of muslimah here not wear hijab. Not far, my female friends once said that she is not feeling comfoortable when wearing headscarf b'cuz she feels people will identify her as exclusive and not following the society around. I think they need motivation and right understanding so that they have a consciousness to wear it.

Jannah said...

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Jamila.

I didnt have deen in my life so things like hijab and even the basic duties of being a muslim didnt much eneter my head. I respected these things of course but I was too ignorant to acknowdelgeor care that this is what i should be doing.

Once i found my way to islam... i became aware of these things but even then i didnt wear hijab until 6 months after! even then however, as you say, somethign was holding me back but i dodnt knwo what...

im being lazy to type here so instead have a read of my post

i sat down and questioned why i was delaying wearing the hijab. i knew i should be doing it but wasnt, i was scared and didnt know why.

in hindsight - it was all just excses really. invalid ones at that.

Its only been a few months of me being a hijabun but your view changes so suddenly. You feel sad for these girls who dont cover as i often think they simply dont know islam.

I like yourself, am not judgemental, as that was me once and I know how it is...

May Allah guide them inshallah as He has guided us..

The Gori Wife said...


I can't believe I'm doing this. But as I read through the comments no one has really answered your questions about why someone would not wear hijab. I generally try not to talk about this because 1) I'm usually the only one who thinks this way 2) I'm not out to change anyone's mind or create a fitna and 3) People tend to react pretty negatively. But here goes - since you asked:

No, I do not think hijab is an obligation on me or any Muslim woman. I have been rightly guided. My reasons are:

There is not much reference or proof that hijab is a requirement. I found the following post to be a fantastic description about how certain coverings are just CULTURAL rather than religiously required. ( I have heard more references to how high a man's pant legs should be than hijab/khimar - which is more important? Hijab is a chore and a struggle, even MORE so hundreds of years ago in Arabia, and I'm expected to believe that a few vague references to "khimar" mean what proponents say they mean? Or a single non-verbal pointing hadith? If it were really a requirement, it would have been spelled out in greater detail. If a man's pant leg length can be dictated so precisely, why wouldn't such a burdensome requirement as hijab be - if it truly were a requirment?

Also, there are translation issues - try as they might, no one has ever convinced me that hijab as it is practiced today is the same as the "khimar" mentioned in the Qu'ran.

I do believe that hiab has been pushed onto women by a protectionist patriarchy over the course of centuries. Women should dress in loose, modest clothes with showing too much. For me that means loose pants and at least mid-length sleeves. The rest is 1400+ years of a patriarchal society trying to force women into the depths of their houses - or at least the depths or their jilbabs.

At the very least, I believe hijab is unimportant. There are FIVE pillars of Islam and this is where we should all be focusing. Hijab is - at best - an afterthought in the qu'ran and hadith. The idea that a woman's entire faith can be negated by this afterthought is preposterous, and if that were true, wouldn't THAT important tidbit have been expressly stated in Qu'ran or Hadith?

I cannot COUNT the times I have heard that a woman has donned hijab because her inlaws or husband asked. Once someone told me their husband said "Please? Do it for me?" This is bordering on shirk, I think. We must be mindful of our intentions. If one has decided to wear hijab for ANY other reason besides they think it is a divine order from Allah, they are heightening that other reason above Allah!

I don't cover when at Islamic gatherings because of this shirk I'm concerned about. If I did, I would be afraid it means that I am more scared of what other Muslims will think of me, or the looks I'd get than I am fearful of Allah. (I do cover at the Mosque because it is stated in their dress code and I believe we are required to follow the rules of the places we choose to go.)

I dislike it when people say that non-hijabees are "becoming Westernized" or imitating the westerners. 1st, I'm not. I have researched and educated myself on this issue and will continue to do so. It's not a whim. 2nd, I am NOT "becoming" western or imitating westerners - I AM WESTERN! I am an American convert!!! There is NOTHING wrong with that. America is, in my opinion, the BEST, most free place for me to practice my religion and I thank Allah for that! There is pornography, etc. in every country, not just in the west.. I steer clear of haram things no matter where I am. I find nothing incongruous with being western and being Muslim.

I have NO problem with women who wear hijab. I think we're all just doing our best in this world.

Now let's all just calm down and remember to be kind in any response.

Jazak Allah Khair.

Jamilah said...

Gori Wife

Thank you for attempting to explain why you don't wear it. I found nothing compelling in your argument, but all the same I appreciate the effort.

Just like anything else in Islam, if you look hard enough you can find some blog/website/ruling that will give you permission to do what is wrong. It can be a ruling saying that riba is ok if you reallllly need to, or, in this case, people trying to say that women don't have to cover.

I really don't have much more to say... its not worth the effort.

Miss Muslimah Gray said...

asalamu alykum, subhanallah! may Allah guide these people..

My Hijab said...

As Salaam u walaikum. Wearing a headscarf was not a big decision for me. I wanted something that would remind me all the time of who I am, and send out the message that I am A muslim because that is who I am. Yes, it covers and yes I am my husband's jewel, two more reasons for my scarf. I dress modestly and reverted 2 years ago, Alhamdolilah, but taking the topic further I DO battle with full hijab in my surroundings. My reason is this: the purpose of hijab was to hide the women that wore it - to cause men NOT to stare.. right? Well, in my environment, it would not have the INTENDED effect at all - if anything it would DRAW attention, since I do not live in a place where there are other muslims. If its purpose is to encourage respect, its purpose would be defeated in my particular surrounding as people would think of Islam as the austere faith that the media would have people believing it is.

I guess to me, Imaan not just about being fundamentalist and taking everything literally. I came to Islam and follow its precepts because I can understand the Niyyah of its laws. I am not an advocate of being "liberal" and am actually quite traditional, but I don't wear full hijab unless i know I'm going to be around other muslims who understand its intent and its reason for existance and can respect that.

I am more comfortable wearing full hijab if I am around muslims. It's not about being shy, its about understanding that we're all on the same page. In my immediate vacinity all it does is make people stare and contribute to the media's image of "those crazy muslims". Everything in Islam has a purpose and a time, and a reason. The revelation to cover came to serve a purpose. I seek out that purpose.
If I appear to you a hypocrite then well, that's your prerogative. Does it make you better than me or me better than the next muslim - not at all, only Allah can weigh the heart.

I know the intention of my heart is to promote Islam as beautiful and gentle (which it is) and not contribute to the view of it being austere and harsh. also, to go into full hijab, for me is to STAY in full hijab, and since I cannot do that for work purposes yet they are comfortable with it on a Jummah, this is the way I have found works best for me.

Jamilah said...

Asalamu Alaikum My Hijab

I used to think like you did when I first reverted... that the hijab attracted attention and why should I wear it if its going to do that. Well the answer is, because Allah told us too. Its not up to us to decide. AND if worn properly there is nothing for anyone to see if they look at you. You should be covered with lose clothing and the shape of your body should not be there to see.

A lot of people will say that Allah knows what is in their heart, and that is true, but he might also see that one does not do something from their own made up reasons and not the real reasons. I fully support sisters that feel sacred or worried and struggle to do it knowing they should, but when people try to make up their own rules about it, it worries me.

Sister I'm not trying to be harsh, but Allah knows best. Not us. If he told us to do it, we do it. I just put up a new blog post about how obedient the companions were. That is what we should strive for.

I pray that Allah gives you strength and guides you to the right path.