Friday, May 8, 2009

I Remember When...

I remember when I was learning about Islam, before I reverted, and I thought that every Muslim was devout and faithful to Islam. Some part of this stuck with me for quite some time. Its not that I don't realize that there are Muslims out there that are just Muslim in name, or Muslims who don't want to be too serious, but I always thought that the gift of Islam was so precious that everyone kept it as the most important priority in their life.

Now I am coming to the realization that just like Christianity (and any other religion I suppose) that Islam has its followers that equate to a 'Sunday Christian' (or even a Easter/Christmas Christian). These are Muslims who claim Islam as their religion, but don't really take it too seriously. They don't feel they have to follow the basic tenets of the religion. They don't pray 5 times a day regularly. They don't really care too much about true Modesty. They don't wear hijab (sisters and brothers), and they feel that their career, race or gender is more important of a trait than their religion. These are not people who struggle with these things, they simply just don't care. There is a difference. There are Muslims who let this dunya take over sometimes, but struggle to come back to the straight path. Then there are the ones that want to do anything and everything to justify why they do what they do, but don't care to just submit to Islam and follow it correctly.

I talked a few posts ago about blogs that make me crazy... and I really have to stop reading them. Its like looking at a car wreck. You know you shouldn't, but you can't seem to help yourself. I think I do it sometimes just to make myself upset... to remind myself of what horrors are out there I guess. Sounds pretty stupid eh? I read some random thing today where someone was trying to justify Muslim women marrying non Muslim men... it just blows my mind. The logic (or lack there of) to this post was that there are not any good Muslim men so why can't we marry a good non-Muslim? Ummmm... we can't marry non Muslim men because Allah said so!

And do not marry Al-Mushrikat (idolatresses, etc.) till they believe (worship Allah Alone). And indeed a slave woman who believes is better than a (free) Mushrikah (idolatress), even though she pleases you. And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al-Mushrikun till they believe (in Allah Alone) and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater), even though he pleases you. Those (Al-Mushrikun) invite you to the Fire, but Allah invites (you) to Paradise and Forgiveness by His Leave, and makes His Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) clear to mankind that they may remember.

What else do you need? why bother writing a post about it?

So now I must go forward and realize that there are going to be levels of Muslims and just accept it. I can only pray for their guidance and try to do whats best to please Allah.


Ayan said...

Wa 'alaikum salaam,

I know what you mean. I think that the majority of them have misunderstood the concept of hope and fear in Allah(swt). In that they only see the mercy of Allah (swt) but disregard that Allah (swt) is also most severe in punishments.

While another group of non-practicing muslim are very aware they are doing haraam acts. Yet, they persist because they have a mentality that they will do hajj when they are older and that "will" wipe away all there past sins. This mentality exists within many 'cultural muslims'.

As for muslim women marrying non-muslim men, I would never consider a non-muslim as a potential partner for many reasons. Such as it's forbidden in islam, my rights will not be met, poor children would be confused (especially with the concept of Tawheed, 6 pillars of Iman, and 5 pillar islam), he would question my belief in Allah (swt), etc. For God sake why even think of marrying a non-muslim man (unless he converts to Islam for the sake of God, then that is a different story)? What has become of our ummah?!

Anonymous said...


I had that new Muslimah naivity. I was quickly and harshly pulled out of naievity after being ripped off BIG TIME!

However depressing it is that people born into Muslim families reject Islam (or claim Islam but refuse to follow it), thats life and we have to keep ourselves on the right path and ask Allah swt for guidance in everything.

Pixie said...

UghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI know. Here I am ranting though. People call me an extremist because I believe in following the guidance of Rasuloolah. And if Allah subhanhu wa'tala orded it, how can that have any OTHER meaning?! Then people try and say, you reverts are always more extreme and fundamentalist than other Muslims. Sorry, I had to give up my family for Islam. I am not going to abandon ANYTHING my Creator gave me, uh uh.

jana z. said...

you know jamilah, i think along these same lines...this whole episode with elji made me realize that there are some ugly muslims in this world. and i dont mean the "extremists" of the world. they are a different class. i mean the ordinary people. losing elji was hard enough, but to know that his own family...all born muslims with their dad an imam...stooped to lies and backbiting to make me, another muslim, look horrible in the eyes of their parents is more than i could stand. i was so shocked by this lack of respect and has truly opened my eyes to the ummah at large. there is no ummah. you have to create smaller circles of ummah unfortunately because that ideal does not exist.

hannah said...

salam alaikum

after I reverted I quickly came to realize too that there are alot of muslims out there who dont seem to have even read the Qur'an in their lifetime. To say the least I was highly disappointed and saddened at the same time. I'm so far from where I want to be, but I could never deny Allah's words like some do. What's worse is when those people critisise those that practice Islam so well and study so hard. we can only work on ourselves to please Allah, and pray for those who seem to be so astray and in delial of what it means to be Muslim. I am like you,and so many reverts who feel a bit alone in their journey...for every good muslim we meet there are a handful of not so good ones who even wish to turn us away from the good path.

Anonymous said...

Subhan Allah..

Before coming to Islam I wasn't under that same impression that you were, because I'm in an area where there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims by name only- drinking, selling drugs... just bad examples of Muslims. May Allah guide them.

But I just wanted to reply to something that Jana Z said that really struck me and I have to agree with. "There is no ummah." There's always all this talk about the ummah and how the ummah needs to stick together but when it comes down to it, I've found that it's not as it should be with Muslims being closeknit and there for each other, but every man for himself and forget everyone else. This has saddened me, but Allahu Alim.

Mohamed Shafiu said...

Maasha Allah.Nice article. May Allah bless you sister.

OhSoMuslim said...

A lot people tend to forget or just don't care about the main object...Jennah and because of that, they behave in such ways. It's quite upsetting, none of us are perfect and everyone has faults, but its important to strive in this deen.

I'm still young but I know exactly what you mean about the muslims.
May Allah make our hearts firm on his deen Ameen. said...

I agree. Its one of the dangerous things that we shouldn't say when it comes to trying to voice out our opinions concerning a ruling. The danger is that you're not doubting an imperfect man made system, you're actually doubting Allah, The Most Perfect!

Sepiatonz said...

My first wake-up call was when I first accepted islam about 10 years ago. I was so excited and happy-go-lucky I would give the salaams to anyone who REMOTELY looked like they had even heard of a muslim before LOL!!! I was so disheartened after a while to see that obvious muslims would look you dead in the face and act as though you were invisible. Granted, the majority of them were foreign (to the US) and may not have spoken english but the greeting is universally understood. I still experience this but unfortunately I don't go out of my way to give the salaams anymore. If I walk past a muslimah or we're on the elevator then I will. Anyway, just wanted to share my "crestfallen" moment as a new muslim.

Jannah said...

Aslaamu alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu sweets,

Mashallah that was a lovely read.

I havnt read the comments above but I too experienced what you have recently.

Take Hijabi sisters for example.. I thought they were all devout practising women but... well lets just say ive found otherwise.

May Allah guide us all to the siratul mustaqeem insh'Allah.

Silver Ribbon said...

Assalam o ALaikum sister,

Inspired, I decided to open my own blog to share what I learn with Muslimahs like you so we can help each other be in company of good people and becomes better Muslims by learning from each other.

Do visit if you get a chance! You post about the blogs with so much hijab fashions really made me want to open one for a philosophical discussion...I agree with you about whats happening and I thought maybe I could do something to change that fact.

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Every religion has its faithful and not so faithful followers. We fail to realise that Allah has honoured us. How? By making us Muslims. We didn't just choose, we are Muslim because He SWT guided us. Alhamdulilah. But how many of us waste our lives in trivial pursuits and fail to acknowledge Allah's favours upon us???SubhanaAllah.

Another good post Jamilah MashaAllah! Keep up the great work :)

blackbat said...

i agree with you. but even though islam is in a better condition than other religions.

there are ppl do pray five times . and there are ppl go Masjid in Fajr. can you imagine in any other religion that ppl go in winter to masjid to fajr prayer ?!

ishqia said...

mashallah, its wonderful to see reverts ,who have spent most of their life in open freedom and so called western liberation for women, hold islam so dear to themselves and practice islam so dearly, mashallah may allah bless u and give u more knowledge, and success in this life and hereafter, assalamualaikum