Friday, May 22, 2009

Punishment in the Grave

I've been listening to a lecture about death, the grave and the day of judgment. It has been quite and eye opener. It has made me want to be better in this life, and to try my best to avoid things that would make Allah subhannah wa t'ala displeased with me.

One of the hadiths mentioned in this lecture was that the Prophet salalahu allaihi wa salam was taken in a dream by two angels. They showed him many ways that people are punished in the grave. The one that stood out to me most was the one about a man lying on his back, with someone standing over him with a huge rock. The rock would be thrown at the man's head and crush it, then the rock would roll off and his head would grow back and it would be crushed again... and again... and again. This was punishment for knowing the Quran but not living by it. How scary is that?

This makes me want to be so careful about things. It also makes me wonder why so many people want to take the chance to try to modify the clear message of the Quran.


alshaimaa said...

Who dares to modify the message of the Quran?

Asiya said...

Jazakillaahu khayran, excellent excellent excellent reminder sister! May Allaah increase us in beneficial knowledge and give us the barakah to follow it up with actions, ameen.

Pixie said...

Yowwwwwzah. SubhanhAllah. Indeed.

Semra said...

Assalam o Alaikum sister,
just discovered your blog and I was wondering if you have a twitter account that I can follow to know when you update :) InshAllah

very interesting and comforting blog

Jannah said...

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sweetie

Oh my.. ive read this hadith before and its things like this that scare the heck out of me!

The prophet upon him be peace once said to remember death frequesntly as it is the destroyer of all wordly pleasures and desires Tirmidhee)

What was the lecture you listened to sweets? Is quite like to listen to it also?

Have a blesses day SisMuch love

Jamilah said...

The lecture is Anwar Al Awlaki's Hereafter series....

It does have so much more in it that makes you want to be better. When I mention it to some people they don't want to hear it because they don't want to be scared... I don't know what to say to that..

Asiya said...

I have that series! I need to break it out again and listen to it...I never did finish it! It really is good mashaa Allaah.

Noshi said...

SubhanAllaah. That is so scary! Is this lecture online? I would like to listen to it, inshaAllaah.

Jannah said...

Oh i have that series too... Like Sis Asiaay, I never fifnished it either

= /

A friend reccomended it to me and told me that it was scary stuff which admittedly delayed me in listening to it also but that is when it really hit you.

What CAN you say to those people? All I know is that scary or not, I want to be prepared for what awaits me so i can spend this lifetime prapring for.


Jazakumullahu khair sis.

Look forward to hearing mpre from you soon.

IBNE HANIF said...

Sister, Thanks for this great reminder of the punishment in graves.
Mashallah you have a great blog.
I appreciate your efforts in this regard.
May Allah help you to keep these fantastic efforts continue with patience. And may Allah prepare a home for you in Jannah.
Rabbibne li indaaka baitan filjannah.

alshaimaa said...

I searched for the hadith you're refering to and actually they don't exist , if they're true give me the hadith and the isnad.

I believe in punishment in grave cause there exist hadith where Rasullullah mentioned it, but he didn't mention any of these specs you said in ur post.


Jamilah said...


I imagine the tone of your post is not as demanding as it comes off to be. I found the hadith rather quickly. I'll paste the link to it below. So sorry to tell you but it does exists. I trust that the lecturer would not just make something up either. When he was talking about the hadith he did add extra explanation which is what I have conveyed in my post.

Anyway here is the hadith, found at Its a sahih Bukhari by the way

Its the very first hadith on the page

alshaimaa said...

I checked the link and you are right indeed .

The hadith is true , and I'm getting scared now of that fact (the rock crushing the head for not living by the quran) :S

Allah guide us all to the right path..amen

Jazack Allah khayran sister for your understanding and correcting me.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu aleikum,

Life is so short and I am so caught up in the dunya these days that I seem to easily forget the Day Of Judgement and how I could easily be in that man's position if I don't focus more on the deen. JazakAllah Khair for the much-needed wakeup call.

By the way sister, I would love it if you visited me at my brand new blog: as I am always looking to connect with other Muslimmahs. You seem like a kind and humble sister and I plan to explore more of your writings. Thanks again for posting.

Noor :)

Anonymous said...

Asalaamu Alaikum, I'm wondering though how can one be punished before Judgement Day? Or, is the punishment in the grave after you're judged? (sorry I'm a little confused)
And also can you point out where in the Qur'an does it talk about our punishment in the grave? Or is it only in the hadith collections? JazakAllah Khair. :)

Sacrifice4Allah said...

May Allah save us from the punishment in the grave!!!!! Ameen!

SubhanAllah we are all guilty at some point or another of knowing the Qur'an and not living by it. May Allah forgive us and guide us to that which HE loves. Ameen!

ishqia said...

yes thanks for that reminder, though we know everything about islam, sometime we r so reluctant to practice it, mainly its sometimes its so difficult to abstain from sins,
i seek refuge in Allah from such terrible punishments, may Allah guide all people to the right path, and to practice islam wholeheartedly,

Sarah Plain And Short said...

i'm scared :S