Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nature - The Art Of Allah

Its this time of year when the plants really start to bloom that I find my self praising Allah for the beauty in Nature. It also serves as a true sign that everything is created by Allah. If you look closely at even a simple leaf you can see the most amazing detail and beauty in the patterns of the veins. The petals of a flower hold such rich and beautiful color... how could this be by chance? Only the mighty and majestic Creator of the alameen could produce such perfection.

I have a background in photography, and while I trained in commercial photography, I always wanted to capture images of nature. They are no substitute for the real thing. No one can duplicate what Allah has created.


Hannah said...

asalam alaikum

I've really gotten into planting flowers in the past few years and I really love it. There is just something so calming about nature and its amazing all the plants and creatures that Allah (swt) has created, are a really great photographer!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful and soothing is your blog and its pictures!

Thanks for creating it, dear sister!