Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things DO work out for the best!

A few posts ago I talked about the happy Muslimah who was very disappointed when she was told she could not fulfill a role assigned to her at a dawah event. Well if you haven't already figured it out... the happy Muslimah is ME! Anyway, back to the story... as it turns out we did not go to the event at all, but as doors close, others open.

Some very good friends of ours were going to a conference in New Jersey that same weekend, and asked us to come too. All 3 of us got in the car Saturday morning and drove down to the conference, getting there at about 1:00 in the afternoon. The hotel was very nice, but what made this a really special event was that there were close to 1,000 muslim brothers and sisters there all on the same deen. 95% of the sisters were niqabi and there was not a clean shaven face to be seen on any brother over 18! Now I know that some will argue that wearing a niqab or growing a beard does not make you a better Muslim, and they could be right in some cases, but when its done with the correct intention, it is a wonderful thing.

The conference's focus was on misconceptions in Islam. The speakers were excellent, and we purchased quite a few CD's of the lectures that we had missed. All of the vendors selling books had authentic material. No need to worry if you were buying something a bit 'iffy'. There was separate shopping times set up for sisters and brothers so if you wanted, you didn't have to feel uncomfortable in the crowd. There was also halal food served with separate times, so that the sisters could eat in the room with their veils up.

This was a very nice experience, and I thank Allah subhanhu wa 'tallah for giving us this chance to attend this event.

Oh and one more thing. It was only $10 a day to hear the lectures. Not $30-$60 like for other events.

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