Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Quick Word

We all grow and evolve in Islam. When I first started this blog I ranted about how forums can be such a problem and that they can't do any good for dawah. I was wrong about that.

I've recently become more involved in a forum and I'm starting to get the real idea behind it. Sure there are still a lot of trouble makers, but its nice to really talk about Islam and help new and non Muslims understand it too. This was really brought to light to me over the last few days while participating on another forum that really has no dawah direction at all. It really showed me how much good can be done with the right intentions. Its exciting to me to be able to help people understand Islam. I get discouraged sometimes when I see other venues twisting it all around, but Allah guides whom he wills. I can only make dua for them to be guided to the straight path.

Finally. I'm at peace right now. Some really icky things happened over the last few days but I'm feeling such a sense of relief and calm right now. I thank Allah for everything that he gives me. Inshallah I can continue to learn and grow and be a better Muslim.

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