Friday, September 12, 2008

Work & Life

This has been an amazing week! My new job is great alhamdulilah! I really enjoy the kids and the challenge of teaching. The best part of course is the fact that I'm working in an Islamic environment. It is such a relief to not have to worry about being misunderstood all the time. At first I was going to be teaching two days and working in the office two days.... now they want me to run the computer lab one day and do the art curriculum for grades K-8! I'm getting my mum involved with the art stuff... she was an art teacher so she should be a great resource.

I've been really tired because we are all not getting enough sleep. We need to learn to balance our time better, and get to bed earlier! There are so many things going on that we stay up too late getting them done! We are still working on the bookstore, and Inshallah tomorrow we are going to get the books in NYC. The forum is really doing well. Its not really big or anything but its pretty civilized and everyone (most eveyone) seems to be on the same path. I go and read other forums now and then to see whats going on and it just makes me happy to have such a nice little community of our own. The fitnah that is out there is unreal. Even during Ramadan people can't seem to hold it back.

Its a dangerous place, cyberspace. There is so much mis information out there. Its even worse when the wrong information about Islam comes from Muslims. I understand that there are always going to be different interpretations of things, but its just insane for people to have to stretch so far to reach the conclusions they do. I often question why? Allahu anum.

Ok, its late and I'm still awake! Will I ever learn!!!!

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