Sunday, September 7, 2008


Alhamdulilah!!! I got a job!! Yippie!!! I am going to be teaching at the Islamic School at my masjid. Its part time, but I'm excited. I'm teaching 6th grade Language Arts and History and 8th grade science!

Inshallah I do well! This means a lot to me because it means I don't have to go back and work in the 'regular' world... I've had it with corporate USA. There is no respect for anything and lying and stealing seems to be part of the job description.

So, inshallah I have to go tomorrow to get aquainted with the classroom and kids. I will write again to let everyone know how it went!

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Daisy said...

asalam alaikum sis

I'm really happy for you! Alhamdulillah you finally got a job that you can feel comfortable in and you can work in a great environment. Even if its part time at first, who knows where it may lead right? Allah (swt) always opens new doors.........

Inshallah your first day goes well (and those kids behave for you lol)