Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rejecting a part of Islam

As things unfold in Pakistan, I can't help but wonder what the president really wants, what Bhutto really wants and what the people of Pakistan really want. It seems to me from what I've read that Musharif and Bhutto differ in what they want, but are similar in what they don't want- neither of them want shariah law.

As Muslims we are not to reject any part of Islam. That includes Shariah law. Now we may not all live in a country where this is possible, but if you are Muslim, and live in a Muslim country, shouldn't you want shariah law?

Things like this confuse me to no end. I think this goes back to my post of yesterday, where people think that they need to modernize the religion to suit their current desires. Is rejecting shariah law, rejecting a part of our beautiful faith?

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Hannah said...

Asalamu alaikum sis

I think a lot of muslims, when they hear sharia, perhaps fear that they will actually have to live according to Islamic rulings. It always seems to be seen in a negative light, especially by the media which will never hesitate to mention a current story relating to a sharia law and its injustices. I wonder if many really understand what sharia is? I can't say I know much at all about sharia, although I am willing to learn. Perhaps we just have not seen a good example yet of a muslim country practicing sharia the way it was meant to.