Tuesday, February 17, 2009


While listening to NPR I heard a story about our new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton talking about renewing good ties with North Korea. One of her stipulations was that they cease any nuclear program, be it for energy or weapons. Now I'm not a fan of nuclear weapons but what makes us think we can tell other countries they can't have them when we and our 'allies' do? Its pure arrogance on our part. The US also pulls this with Iran. What makes us think we can just tread all over this earth and lay down commands for other to follow? How dare we as a country send drones into Pakistan to kill people we deem dangerous! Do our borders now extend where ever we want them? Are we allowed to carry out these 'terrorist' acts and brand them as military action?

This also applies to the US's rampant desire to 'spread democracy'. What may work for some does not work for all. Don't impose your rules on someone else unless you are sure they want it. After no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, suddenly liberating the people and giving them democracy was the #1 reason we went there and killed 100's of thousands of innocent people.

At one time the US was more frightened of communism than it was of Islam. If you remember the US funded the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan against Russia. Now the US is there trying to 'spread democracy'. Arrogance.

When any other country dares do something that the US doesn't (even if its better) they are branded as socialist and written off. Like a national health care system that runs smoothly in most European countries would never happen here.. because of arrogance (and possible capitalist greed).

May Allah Subhannah Wa Ta'Ala guide us and protect us from the evils of this world.


Noshi said...

Ameen, thumma ameen. Well said. I don't understand why Americans don't or refuse to see this perspective.

hannah said...


I remember mentioning this topic somewhere, yes I totally agree that its ludicrous that the US thinks it has the authority to ban things within other countries yet they 'allow' it for themselves....and that somehow they feel they own the planet?.....makes me wanna throw some shoes

malekat_el7oriya said...

this post is really true...and sad.Well written, I can't see why Americans can't see this or themselves...