Friday, February 6, 2009

Tajweed Class

Tonight was my tajweed class. We have it every Friday night at 6:30 PM at the sister's house who teaches us. She is the Arabic teacher at the school I teach at and for $10 a class shes tutors us in tajweed.

At its best we have 5 sisters that come. Normally its about 3 of us. This allows for a lot of personal attention in the 2+ hours that we are there. I really enjoy the class, she is a great teacher and its so much more comfortable to learn from a sister. I had taken online tajweed and my tutor was a young brother. It just felt strange. I didn't like to recite for him, and sometimes he was so grumpy with me! I felt so self concise and it was hard to repeat what he said when I could not see him. I also now realize that he was not teaching me right anyway.

So, back to my class. I like the class because we are all very comfortable with each other. We encourage each other to do well and our teacher is just amazing. She really can explain exactly how to make the sounds we need to make. She understands that the average American's English does not include a lot of the sounds in Arabic and knows how to help us make them. Its actually pretty amazing mashallah. We also always have tea and something to munch on! Best of all, I've really learned a lot and I feel like I'm improving, Alhamdulilah!


Candice said...

That sounds really cool! If I was to ever take such a class, I'd only do it with a woman teacher too...

malekat_el7oriya said...

ALsalamou ALaikom sister,
The class seems really cool! I've always wanted to do something like that :)

Reflection------Una Riflessione said...

Assalaamu Alaikum Sister,

MashaAllah that's great to know that your are such a highly motivated student of Allah's words!

There is a new online class starting inshaAllah (on paltalk program, you can download it from The classes will be covering in-depth study of Quranic words, grammar, islamic rulings, and they will be doing Tajweed too with sisters.

The class is organized by Al-Maghrib Institute's co-school:Al Huda Institute and is mashaAllah very well-organzied despite the fact that it's online. We are all divided in small groups whereby studying becomes really easy Alhumdulilah.

I am enrolled in the previously begun class Alhumdulilah.

You can check out info about both the new classes on the following links.


May Allah bless you highest ranks in paradise, Ameen.

I really love your blog.

Your sister from Italy

Jamilah said...

Thanks for the information... the class cost seems reasonable but the books are a bit much to put out at once.. at least for me. Inshallah I can catch it the next time :)

Una Riflessione said...

Assalamu Alaikum Sister!

Sooooo nice to receive your reply:)

Yes, you are right, but I have been in touch lately with the sister who is the Course-coordinator (in Texas, USA). Alhumdulilah they have agreed to give you a full scholarship for the books package enlisted.

I therefore request you to kindly email me your complete postal address and the name of the course you are interested in. It will inshaAllah take about 7 to 12 working days to process your books' package.

Sister, this is certainly a lifetime oportunity to dive into the Book of Allah in its OWN language. Please do not miss this chance if you have the sincere motivation to sacrifice your time and efforts for the cause of learning and seeking knowledge. Only chosen people from Allah are able to utilise such opportunities (and that too in the comfort of our homes...without having to travel far away lands)

My email is

May Allah always keep you firm and strong on His path to Paradise, Ameen.

Your sister Saira

Noshi said...