Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pictures of Vermont

Today my mom and I went out shopping. Our fist stop was the library where they always have a room full of old books they are selling. I found a couple of books on Australia for the project in school and then a few other things that will be nice reference for other lessons. Next we stopped at a yarn shop and I got a nice big skein of yarn. It is such an odd shape, its over sized and looks like a big purple and blue dinosaur egg! Next we drove to the next town to a charity shop where I got a bunch of nifty things to use for art projects at school. I plan on doing some mosaics with the kids so I got about 15 brightly colored plates to smash to use as tiles. I also found some ribbon to use for windsocks and 4 plastic horse shoe game sets for gym class! Such a bargain!

Now for the pictures!!!!

This first one is the view as you come down the hill into the town I grew up in.

These next view are just scenes as we were driving, these are the Green Mountains of Vermont (although they don't look very green right now... and also a few cow fields that I just loved the way they looked.

And now for the grand finale. While we were at the charity shop my 72 year old mum found a scooter... and she just had to try it out! I love my mommy!


Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

Dinosaur egg?! LOL I'd like to see this place!

MashaAllah you're moms cute haha. My mom would scrunch her face up if I hinted at her even touching one!

Noshi said...

Awwwwwww, mashaAllah.

Candice said...

Looks quite a lot like parts Quebec. But I guess it's normal since they're so close! Your mom is cool :p

Sacrifice4Allah said...

Your mum seems young at heart.