Thursday, February 12, 2009

Australian Muslims

One of the big events that takes place at the school I teach at is the 'Multi-Cultural Fair'. Each grade has to choose a Country and present information about it in a showcase format. My class is going to be doing Australia.

I've assigned each student something to 'specialize' in, and one of those things is Islam in Australia. I'm looking forward to learning more about our brothers and sisters from down under. So, if any of you out there have any information you can share, my class would greatly appreciate it!


BaitullahBlog said...

As Salaam u Walaikum. I came across your blog purely by accident and I'm so glad I did, alhamdolilah! I am a revert muslim too, and struggle with many of the same things that you do! my blog is but I will keep coming back to visit yours! I am a 36 year old muslimah too, so I had to write since there are so many little coincidences!! Hope to hear from yoU!

Una Riflessione said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

A while back I came to know of a "funny" media initiative taken by the Muslims in Austrailia. It is a weekly TV show called "Salam Cafe". It basically aims to fight rascism with laughter. You can google for it and watch it on Youtube:

There is also some useful historical info (which you may already be knowing of) on the islamfortoday website:


Jamilah said...

Baitulah - Asalamu Alaikum Its very nice to hear from another revert that seems as excited as I am about Islam... I'll go visit your blog now!

Una - Asalamu Alaikum.. thanks so much for these great resources!

Anonymous said...

I am a revert to, from Australia. How did your islam in Australia go? There is a history of islam in australia from the sbs corporation

it is somewhere here

wa salam
your sister in Islam

Mohammed Rafiq said...

السلام عليكم
Beautiful Blog congratulations from ozmuslim in a land down under.

crescentimes said...

I'm so excited that the Australia have a much history ever.

from Aussie Muslims