Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back Home

After the wonderful day I had yesterday, I started to feel sick in the evening. Turns out I have a cold now. :( Inshallah it will go away soon.

I left my mom's at about 3:00 today, and had a pretty uneventful drive home. It took 4 hours and 11 minutes. I guess I was driving too fast! Its nice to go and spend time with mom, we talk about just about everything including religion. I feel sometimes like I'm not sure where to start with dawah with her. I try to explain things the best I can, but I feel I can't be pushy or bring up things that would upset her. Each time I'm there we talk a little more and I think I clear any misconceptions she has, but I find it hard to really say everything I'd like to say. Perhaps it would be better if she heard it from someone else, but who? Next time we all go up I'll ask my husband to spend some time talking about it while I go away or something. That way it won't be coming from her child, and she might be more apt to accept what is being said. Inshallah her heart is opened one day.

And here is one last picture of Vermont. I liked the way the melted snow left curvy patterns on the field.

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